Mastering Consistency For 2020

Well, it’s the New Year! It’s finally 2020 and as I have already seen and heard, peoples goals are to lose weight this year.

I want to weigh in and give you some advice to help you out. Almost everyone’s goal is to lose weight, which is a great goal to have. Not everyone though will know how to achieve this goal. If they do know how they could still fall short or get too obsessed over the actual numbers.

My advice is to NOT focus everything on the end goal! Do not weigh yourself religiously and do not chase a number within a time frame.

Instead, focus more on the system you put in place. What I mean by ‘system’ is what you actually do to reach your end goal. If you focus more on what you actually do and how well you do it, the end goal will take care of itself.

Two people can have the same goal. Who is going to achieve it faster?

  1. The person who only focuses on the end goal and number?
  2. The person who focuses on how well they are actually performing and building good habits to reach that goal?

It’s clearly going to be the second person!

There are two things you need to focus on, your diet and your training plan. Keep improving these and the goal will be achieved as a by-product of your efforts.


Choosing a diet can be tricky, especially with all the options and opinions out there today. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you pick as long as you stay within a deficit and it fits YOUR lifestyle and YOU can keep at it consistently. Being able to diet consistently will give you far better results than which diet you actually pick. They all have the same theme, which is a calorie deficit.

Training Plan

Which, what, how?
For this, all you have to do is keep it simple and make it work to your schedule. If you can only train for 1 day a week, then do that and do a full-body workout focusing on compound movements. If you can do more, then that’s great. Remember something is better than nothing. All that matters is that you make it work for you and your schedule. Again consistency is key.

These are the two systems you need to focus on. Start with the basics and do what you can. Try to fit it in with your lifestyle.
From here keep improving your plan. It is not going to be perfect at the start. If you train one day per week, then try going for 2 days a week, whatever you have to do to make it work for you.
If you choose a particular diet or just choose to eat less, then don’t dive into it full throttle. Start with something you can easily do and improve from there.
For example, start with cutting out a snack that you eat every day, reduce the amount of sugar you have in a coffee, swap from a latte to a normal coffee. All these are little changes to your plan. They may only seem like very little changes, but add them all together, they make one big change.

So, ignore the goal, focus on the plan you put in place and keep improving upon this and the goal will take care of itself. Do not over complicate it, keep it simple and something you can do consistently over time. Start small and make changes and improvements along the way.

Remember, something is always better than nothing and consistency is king!

Happy New Year everybody and may the force be with you.

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