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I’m Tom and I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer based in Earby, Lancashire in the UK.

My mission is to help you achieve your strength and conditioning goals! My main focus is coaching you through programmes that are heavily revolved around barbell training and maximising your strength.


The biggest mistake I made as a beginner walking into the gym was failing to prioritise the big, main compound movements (or even doing them at all!). These movements (to me and most people) are the Squat, Deadlift, Bench and Overhead Press. They are the bread and butter of any good workout plan and should be done by everyone, especially beginners. These movements create the main foundation and give you a solid base to work from when mastered.


When I first started going to the gym my training was inconsistent and I had no real goal. My workouts were filled with exercises that had no real benefit. It was only when I shifted my focus to strength training, correct programming and getting stronger in the main movements that I actually started to see significant results.


This is what I want and can do for you! 

I want to help you focus on your goals and enjoy what you do in the gym (whilst getting the numbers on the bar to go up!). 

All of this is possible, even if you are a complete beginner.


Let me give you an example.

My wife had kept saying that she wished she could train but she had never done anything like that before and had very little time around family and work commitments. 

Every now and then, we would drop the kids off at their grandparents and set off to have a training session. (As much as we both could have enjoyed the silence and just gone home to sleep, we had work to do!) The sessions with her were few and far between and no real progress was made. But something is better than nothing! 


We eventually invested in a squat rack, bar, weights and a bench. Luckily we managed to pick one up cheap(ish) and set it up in our cellar (basement for any US readers). This was all we needed as all of our training was done around the barbell. 

I put together a basic programme that focused around the Squat, Deadlift, Bench and Overhead Press. She worked out 3 times a week consistently with my guidance.

Sure enough, the numbers on the bar started to go up. She started to feel better and more comfortable under the bar.

Within the first 2 weeks, we had already increased her squat to 45kg for 5 reps and her deadlift to 55kg for 5 reps (I mention these ones as they were her main goals at the time). Both of these started from an empty bar and no prior experience.


The point of this story is to show you that it is possible and can easily be done. You just have to start. It doesn’t have to be perfect and quite often at the start it never is! That is why I am here. To keep you motivated and make sure you reach your goals!


A little background on me.


I first started training when I was 18 years old. I signed up to a local gym with a friend, gave it a shot and found I loved it! It put me in a great space mentally and gave my self-esteem a boost.

The training I did was never really focused on anything and I never had any real goals apart from just to go and train. 

After a while, my career and location changed and it made getting to the gym more difficult. Because of this, my sessions reduced and I became less motivated to go.


Now, lets fast forward through the last 10 years.

Met wife, moved into a small flat, got married, had our first daughter Ellie, changed career again to something a bit more stable (but crazy hours), moved into a house, had our second child Tommy, had the snip (very soon after!), then bought our first house in 2017.

Through all of this, the gym wasn’t a priority. I was working long shifts through days and nights. Family time was scarce so that was my priority.


Eventually, I started going back to the gym when things got easier to handle and just picked up where I left off. This time though, I had a proper plan in place and knew how I wanted to train. I wanted to get strong! Not super lean or ripped but I wanted to be big and powerful at the same time. So that is what I researched, learnt about and trained for. 


With my shifts rotating from days to nights (sometimes in the same week), my training had to be managed and placed where ever I could fit it into my insane schedule. Sometimes this could be before a shift at 5:00 am or after a 12 hour night shift at 7:00 am! Due to this, strength gains or weight loss was never optimal due to awkward eating times and tiredness.

I did manage to work it around everything and still make good-ish strength increases.


So I know your pain if you are in a similar situation to what I was in!


When I decided to pursue fitness as a career


July 2018 my wife asked me (knowing I was unhappy at my current job), what do I want to do with the rest of my life? 


What would be my dream job if I had no restrictions? 


Without much hesitation, I said that I want to be a personal trainer and eventually have my own fitness studio. It’s something I love doing myself and I continuously enjoy learning and endlessly reading about. I want to help pass on that enjoyment to others. I want people to experience both the mental and physical benefits I experience when I work out.


My wife found me the course and told me to call. Even though we didn't have the money to do this at the time, she still wanted me to go ahead and do it. So I did! I’ve now left my job (and the crazy shifts) behind and I’m doing something that I’m excited to get out of bed for every morning. That is where I am now and it is all thanks to my wife for encouraging me to pursue this career.


Although now she’s bribing me for free personal training sessions!


Now I am a NASM-CPT! 


If you are ready to start your journey, then I am here to help you every step of the way!

What do I offer and how does it help you?


I have a few different packages but I will give you a quick overview of what they are about. 


All programmes have a main focus of increasing strength and working mainly with a barbell. This is how I train and programme for myself so I would not give you anything different! 

This way I know what works and doesn't work and can give you the best possible results. Things like programme design will change based on individual needs and experience or time available.


I give nutrition advice and recommendations based upon your current food diary (Don’t worry if you don't track your food right now, this will be sorted later 👌). 

I do not currently hold any qualifications that allow me to give you a direct meal plan. This is partly because I do not think that giving somebody a meal plan works very well. Forcing somebody to stick to certain meals and foods does not fly with me, so I make suggested adjustments based on your current eating habits. 

This creates more awareness of what you actually eat now and will create more self-efficacy allowing you to make the right choices for the long haul, not just over 12 weeks etc. 

If I said, “Right, eat this for 12 weeks and nothing else touches your lips!”, after the 12 weeks were done there's a high chance that you would slowly fall back into eating the way you did before. So personally, for most people, I find creating awareness in their current eating habits works a lot better long term. We’re building lifelong good habits, not going all out for 3 months then falling off the wagon!


That is the base overview of how I work. For more information go check out my packages!

And how does all of this come together to help you?  


  • A big increase in strength which will carry over into everyday life! Think lifting the kids, carrying the shopping in one trip, people asking you to lift something because they know that you are a beast!
  • A better mindset and overall health
  • Training designed to give you the best foundation possible
  • Confidence in the gym - Imagine walking into your gym, taking over the squat rack and being able to squat more than most of the people in there!
  • To set you on the right path for the rest of your journey, not just for 12 weeks


If all of this is something you want and you feel like I am the coach for the job, then contact me and we can get you started on being the best version of you!

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