Personal Coaching

All of my in-person coaching sessions will be held at MAD GYM  Barnoldswick.

The monthly subscription service. How does it work? How does it benefit you?


The idea of a monthly subscription service is that you treat me like a membership. You sign up and reap the benefits!

To me it makes more sense to provide a service this way, it’s more streamlined and adds more value for you. 

By offering you a monthly subscription we can review everything as we go. We get to the end of the month, see what's working and what isn't and change it ready for the next block of workouts. This is the same for your calorie plan, re-check your weight and adjust accordingly. 

This allows me to check, adjust and improve your plan as we go. This maximizes the benefits and the value to you as one of my clients.

And as one of my clients, I want to make sure you get the best possible results, service and value out of your time training with me. 



The other reason I offer a monthly subscription is because this all takes time. There are no quick fixes or miracle workout programmes and definitely no amount of skinny coffee that will give you the results you're looking for. I am all about longevity, sustainability and providing you with a service that feels very much worth your investment.

It takes time to learn everything and even longer to create a sustainable change. I am here to teach you these things over a period of time, giving you a chance increase your knowledge and understanding, so that you can maintain and keep progressing even after our time training together has inevitably come to an end.


If you're ready to get started and make the change you’ve been wanting for so long, take a look at my price plans below!

Partner Coaching
10 Session Block (£100 per person)
Train with a partner, friend or family member!
- 1 x 60 minute session per week
- 10-week workout plan
- Calorie and Macronutrient plan for both people
- Nutrition advice
Click below to get in touch and set up your consultation!
Contact me
1:1 Coaching
£100 pm
Work with me on a rolling monthly subscription!
- Continuous Tailored workout plan
- 1 x 60-90 minutes 1:1 personal session per week
- Food diary assessments
- Calorie and Macronutrient plan
- Personal support via WhatsApp
Click below to get in touch and set up your consultation!
Contact me

If you require more than 1 session per week, message or call me for pricing.

If in person training and packages aren't for you, I also offer online coaching! Click below for my online packages.

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